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Before You Begin

Be sure to save your business plan before you close your browser window — the information you enter won’t be saved automatically.

Gather key documents

In order to complete your business plan, we recommend that you gather the most recent of the following documents:

  • Existing business financial statements, if you have them (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow information or forecasts if it’s a new business)
  • Business banking statements
  • Business investment statements
  • Personal banking statements — for you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Personal investment statements — for you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment — for you and your spouse (if applicable)

Print, save or edit your business plan

Completing your business plan may take an hour or more, depending on how much information applies to your situation and how much information you have readily available to enter. At any time, you can use the buttons on the left to save or print your business plan. Here are your options:

  1. Save My Business Plan. If you do not complete your business plan in one session — or need to update it at a later date — you can safely save what you've completed so far as a data file (.xml file) to your own computer. You may want to save your data periodically throughout your session.

    When you are ready to complete or update your business plan, go to My Business Planner and choose the "Return To My Business Planner" option.

    When your business plan is complete, bring a printed copy with you when you meet with your TD Canada Trust Business Specialist.    

  2. Print or Download My Business Plan. This option provides you with a non-editable copy — electronic or printed — of your business plan. You can produce a print-friendly version of your entire business plan or download a print-friendly version (HTML file) to your computer. You can open and print this file at any time, but you will not be able to make changes to this version. Bring a printed copy with you when you meet with your TD Canada Trust Business Specialist.

Keep your business information safe

Your business plan contains sensitive financial and competitive information about your business. None of the information you enter will be stored online.

Be sure to keep your data file or printed copy safe from identity theft or competitors. Do not email your business plan information unless you have first password protected the file.

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